Natural buffalo Horn Comb, (Anti-Static - Bird Engraving)

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You will love this one of a kind horn comb. Handmade from all-natural Buffalo horn, this beautiful quality hair comb is perfect for detangling your hair.


Material: horn





SIZE:13X5,5X0,8 CM

The Horn comb is a traditional product of Turkey. Made of natural buffalo horn which is of the same substance as human hair (keratin), thus it certainly fits your hair and would not make any impact on hair-like ones made of other materials (plastic, for example). Moreover, in cold and dry weather, a plastic comb may produce electromagnetic particles to your hair, resulting in tangling hair, while a horn comb does not produce such phenomena.




Horn comb can be used for the long term and easy to clean with water.




Each of our products is unique: variations in the shape, shade, and horn's color tones are characteristics of an exclusive item. Its natural texture and color are almost different for each comb.